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Reblog - 3 notesSuch A Great Show! 👏❤ @nasirmazhar! 
@mademoiselle_yulia & @annatrevelyan 😘😍 #nasirmazhar
Reblog - 37 notes#Nigerian #Yoruba #TraditionalEngagement.
Family engagement. #backless #dress #ankarastyles
Insta: @estaregrams
Reblog - 2 notesEstAre: ♡ Denim Shorts ft @thuglifefemi Designs http://t.co/vL68sflC

Springtime OOTD! (by EstAreLIVE)

My first style post! Hope you like!

How To Tie A Headwrap Into 3 Different Styles (by EstAreLIVE)

Yes, I have started a YouTube channel. Hope you enjoy! x

sw-speaks : Really liking your blog it's nice :D

Thank you!! x

Reblog - 6 notes
thestylechaser : hi i love your blog! do you by any chance do make-up tutorials? I absolutely adore your make-up in every picture

Thank you so much! That is something I have considered for a little while. Who knows, I may start very soon x